Dr.Mohamed Shaltot

Dr.Mohamed Shaltot

I am honored to welcome you to my humble website which is my adventure in the field of graphics and e-learning, which I would like everyone to joins me through communication between me and anyone who wants to learn or discuss anything in these areas to benefit the Arab and Islamic nations.

Man without a goal is like a ship without the helm both of them will end up on the rocks, if you do not check one of your goals as fast as you want, you can speed up the occurrence of things by setting a date for it and once you set a real date you’ll see it come true, let’ us come together to achieve our goals and what we dreamed of, God Willing”.

Current Position

• Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA.
• Director of E-learning Center at Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA.
• Director of Media Center at Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA.

Academic Degrees:
• PhD, Degree in Educational Technology entitled “Impact of two different types of animated cartoon on achievement and developing attitudes towards social studies subject ” Cairo University, 2010.
• Master Degree in Educational Technology entitled "Website for Developing Children Thinking Skills", Cairo University, Educational Studies Institute "Excellent Degree", 2006.
• Special Diploma in Education (Education Technology & Kindergarten), Institute of Educational Studies, Cairo University, 2003.
• General Diploma in Education (Tutorial Computer ) - Institute of Educational Studies - Cairo University, 2002.

Scientific and Administrative Experience & Positions
• Managing electronic portal of the Arab East Colleges, Riyadh, KSA.
• Marketing and Advertising Director, Blue Sky Travel for tourism- sole agent for Air Arabia in Cairo from 2003 to 2006.
• Graphics and Media Division Director at Art Vision Agency for Advertising, 2006 to 2008.
• Developer and designer of educational CDs in various companies specialized in designing educational CDs, from 2002 to 2007, Egypt.
• Supervisor of many projects for Graduate Students, Department of Educational Technology, Arab East Colleges, KSA.
• Supervisor of many student's projects of the Graduate Diploma in "Computer Education Program" at the National Education Technology, Cabinet of Ministers - Information and Decision Support Center. in collaboration with the Institute of Educational Studies – Cairo University - Egypt.

Scientific Societies Membership
o Founder Member of the Arab Association for Educational Technology
o Founder Member of Animated Cartoons Syndicate
o Member of the Egyptian Association for Educational Computer.
o Member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Electronic Media
o Member of Egyptian Engineers Association- Riyadh, KSA.
o Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE

Revision and Consulting
• Education Solutions Consultant for Ebhar Mobile Solutions Company, KSA.
• Member of Scientific Review Committee of Information and Communication Technology Convergence(TICET), 2010 International Conference on Education and Training " TICET " 2013 sponsored by the Tunisian Management Science Society of November, 4-6, 2013- Tunisia
• Design and Development Consultant for Etmar Company for the Dates production- KSA.
• Development Consultant AL-Ensaniah Media Production and Distribution Co. - KSA.
• Consultant for the electronic portal and "Gadara" employment website, Ministry of Civil Service- KSA.
• Expert and consultant for instructional design and E-learning at various Educational Institutes, Software Companies and Charity Associations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
• Consultant for the electronic gate of The Saudi Umran Society "Urban Development" - College of Architecture and Planning - King Saud University.

Voluntary and Community Services
• Member of the Board of Trustees at Al-Darayn Academy of E-Learning (volunteer work)- Egypt.
• Training Consultant for Electronic Media Syndicate (voluntary work) - Egypt.